Fanuc 6 6T 6M 6TA 6MA 6TB 6MB Spare Parts

CNC-Shopping Intl. offers you online FANUC 6 Spare parts for your CNC Machine fitted with FANUC System 6 all versions. (Fanuc 6M, Fanuc 6T, 6A, 6B, 6BII, 6M, 6T, 6P, 6G, 6TA, 6MA, 6TB, 6MB, 6TC). Among these FANUC 6 parts (Model A, Model B, Model C), you will find Fanuc 6 master board, Fanuc 6 graphic board, i/o boards, BMU boards, Fanuc 6 PSU, axis boards, Fanuc 6 CRT/Puncher boards, ROM PCB, Fanuc 6 keyboard for your operator panel and also Fanuc 6 Monitors (9 inch mono or 14 inch color).

We have a FANUC 6 test rig to test all of our FANUC 6 parts.

The Fanuc system 6 series developed in 1980, was one of the leading members in the FANUC lineup of CNC systems, have been significantly improved in operability by Fanuc 14inch color monitor (A61L-0001-0074) with graphic display and conversational automatic programming function. CNC mounted with the FANUC DC Servo drives and FANUC DC Servo motors with yellow caps. CNC for machining center or lathe application withthe upgraded functions, such as conversational automatic programming and direct drawing dimension programming. A conversational feature makes for automatic programming and execution of machining operations. As inquiries appear on the CRT screen, the operator simply responds in short key-in commands.

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