On CNC-Shopping Intl. website we have a significant amount of surplus Siemens Simatic S7 parts. We also have extensive test systems and experience with reliable high quality parts. You will choose to buy online new, refurbished or secondhand SIEMENS SIMATIC S-7 PLC Modules including CPUs, AC and DC power supplies, Communications modules and every type of analog and discrete I/O. Whether it's the small S7-200, the popular S7-300 or the sophisticated S7-400 family, CNC-Shopping Intl. has the tools, the parts and the know-how to keep your S7 system running.

With our new, used and service exchange stock you can save up to 60% of the Siemens S7 list price without compromising on quality or reliability. We even have many obsolete Simatic S7 parts in stock, which are no longer supported by the OEM.

<p>SIEMENS SIMATIC Controllers constitute a comprehensive and integrated range of hardware and software components for all control tasks at hand.</p> <p>The SIEMENS SIMATIC Controllers family comprises programmable controllers (PLCs), control systems incorporating PLC plus operator panel, PC-based control and distributed intelligence. The controllers are also available in failsafe and fault-tolerant versions for applications with high safety demands. Motion control integrated in the PLC provides the highest precision, dynamic and processing speed. </p> <p>SIEMENS SIMATIC is the most successful PLC family in the world. And with the new S7 platform, success is also guarantee for the future. The users will profit from the whole range of benefits and around the world services.</p>
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