Warranty and product conditions


For all products listed on our sites, CNC-Shopping can offer you different conditions for the same product depending on the solution you are looking for.

Find out more about the different product conditions we offer below: :


NEW : (N)

New products have never been used or installed before. At the time of purchase, they come with a medium to long-term warranty.



Reconditioned products are refurbished and under warranty. They are less expensive to purchase and therefore allow you to save money, while still ensuring quality products, as they are tested and inspected by our qualified technicians.

Reconditioned products can also replace certain products that are now obsolete as they are no longer manufactured.


USED : (U)

Used products are cleaned and tested by our qualified technicians; they have the same high quality as all our products. However, they are much less expensive than a New or Reconditioned product.



Exchange service products replace your own. Send us your faulty part and we will replace yours with an identical one. Only parts deemed repairable can be replaced.

To give you an instant solution to repair your machine-tools and take advantage of this exchange service, a deposit may be required, until your return your defective part to our facilities. Deposit which will be refunded immediately upon receipt of your defective part and validation of our technical service.


Whatever the product condition you choose, rest assured that they are always cleaned, inspected, and tested by our specialised technicians prior to sale. If, however, we cannot test a product, this will be indicated on the product sheet.

All our products come with a medium to long-term warranty. This must be indicated on each product sheet.



For all the products sold on our sites, CNC-Shopping offers different types and periods of warranty ranging from 1 month to 2 years for the same product, depending on the solution you are looking for.

Find out more about our different warranties below :



The exchange warranty* means that the product can be replaced by the same product or a similar and compatible one during its entire contractual period.



When your product is sold with a factory return warranty*, in the event of a malfunction, the equipment is replaced or repaired in our workshops, during its entire contractual period.



The product is under a refund warranty*, throughout its contractual period. CNC-Shopping will credit your customer account with the original amount after return and verification of the faulty equipment.


Warranty Exclusion :

- Any product whose serial number has been erased, modified, or removed.

- Any damage, deterioration, or fault resulting from: an accident, mistreatment, negligence, fire, liquid, lightning, or any other natural factor, unauthorised modification of the product, or incorrect implementation of the instructions provided with the product.

- Repair or attempted repair by any external party not authorised by CNC-Shopping.

- Damage or loss of any programmes, data, or removable storage media.

- Data loss occurring during repair or replacement of the product.

- Any damage to the product during transport.

- Relocation or installation of the product.

- Causes external to the product, such as fluctuations in the power supply or power failures.

- Normal wear and tear.

- Failure by the owner to comply with the rules on regular maintenance of the product or components (such as cleaning the fan filters, to be performed by the user).


If you have any questions, please contact us.



*Our liability is limited to the replacement of your faulty product. If CNC-Shopping decides that your product cannot be replaced due to its unavailability or another reason, we will then credit your CNC-Shopping account with the original amount you paid after the faulty equipment is returned and checked.


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