Cnc-shopping offers to sell online the HEIDENHAIN electronic handwheels  to replace your defective handwheels on your CNC machine tool. With the electronic handwheel from HEIDENHAIN, you can use the feed drive to make very precise movements in the axis slides in proportion to the rotation of the handwheel. Cnc-shopping proposes brand new HEIDENHAIN electronic handweels and refurbished HEIDENHAIN electronic handweels to replace your defective part for the maintenance of your machine tool with HEIDENHAIN CNC.

The broad product selection of HEIDENHAIN handwheels proposed online includes HEIDENHAIN  HR-130 100, HR-150 5000, HR 410, HR-520, HR-550FS and the cable of these HEIDENHAIN handweels. These HEIDENHAIN handwheels are ready to replace your defective electronic handweel for the maintenance and repair of your machine tools equipped with a HEIDENHAIN CNC. All of our HEIDENHAIN electronic handweels are fully tested and come with a warranty.

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