A90L-0001-0378 NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49 Fanuc Fan 24VDC

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Buy online your A98L-0001-0378 Fanuc Fan 24VDC in Stock (NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49 / SAN ACE 92 (Model 9GA0924P4G031) from our e-store Cnc-shopping.

Introducing the A98L-0001-0378 Fanuc Fan 24VDC, a premium FANUC fanuc usually manufactured by NMB or SANYO DENKI depending on Fanuc choices during integration but both models are fully compatible and remain the same as long the P/N is FANUC A98L-0001-0378. This high-quality fan belongs to the Fanuc fans category and is specifically designed for optimal cooling performance in your CNC machines.

The A98L-0001-0378 Fanuc Fan 24VDC is an essential component for maintaining the efficiency of cooling your CNC Fanuc controller (FANUC FS16/18/160/180 (Model A, B, C) 2-SLOT / 4-SLOT ) on your machine-tools. Ready to replace your defective/faulty Fanuc Fan. This fan comes with a warranty, guaranteeing peace of mind and reliable performance. As a reliable supplier for years, Cnc-shopping offers a large inventory of these FANUC DC24V fans to meet your immediate needs.

Our Fanuc fans are crucial for the maintenance and repair of your industrial equipment. By using our fans, you can extend the lifetime of your machinery, ensuring optimal maintenance and reducing the risk of breakdowns. This fan is compatible with a variety of models, including Sanyo, Fanuc Fan, DC24V, NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49, Fanuc Backplane fan, Fanuc 2-SLOT Fan motor, and 92x92x25mm.

Technical Description:

  • Model: A98L-0001-0378
  • Voltage: 24VDC
  • Dimensions: 92x92x25mm
  • Compatible with: SANYO DENKI : SAN ACE 92 (Model 9GA0924P4G031) Fanuc Fan, DC24V, NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49, Panaflo FBK-09A24M, A90L00010378, Fanuc Backplane fan, Fanuc 2-SLOT Fan motor
  • Application: CNC machines, industrial equipment
  • Importance: Replacing a cooling fan on a Fanuc numerical control system is crucial for preventing overheating, ensuring stable operation, and extending the lifespan of your CNC equipment. A well-functioning fan helps maintain optimal temperatures, thereby protecting sensitive electronic components from thermal damage.

This product is an emergency spare part designed to solve breakdowns or downtimes in your industrial operations. Having a reliable fan like the A98L-0001-0378 Fanuc Fan 24VDC on hand ensures that your equipment remains operational, minimizing costly downtimes. (Without any FAN Alarms from your CNC Controller)

NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49, FANUC A90L-0001-0378. A standalone fan is typically powered with an electric motor. Fans are often attached directly to the motor's output, with no need for gears or belts. The electric motor is either hidden in the fan's center hub or extends behind it. Smaller fans are often powered by brushed or brushless DC motors. DC-powered fans use low voltage, typically 24 V, 12 V or 5 V. Cooling fans for FANUC equipment exclusively use brushless DC motors, which produce much less electromagnetic interference. The axial-flow fans have blades that force air to move parallel to the shaft about which the blades rotate. Axial fans blow air along the axis of the fan, linearly, hence their name. This type of fan is used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from small cooling fans for FANUC electronics. NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49

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