Fanuc Fuji Electric Power Transistor

Buy online FUJI Electric Fanuc Power transistors modules on Cnc-shopping, Fuji power blocks, Fanuc power transistor modules IGBT, FUJI EVK, 6DI, Semikron transistors, Toshiba modules, and other transistors brands. The Fanuc transistors reference begins as FANUC A50L-0001. You can buy transistors to replace your defective transistors on your FANUC Drive units, we have brand new and genuine transistors in stock, all of our transistors are tested.

Mostly when transistors module are defects you get a Fanuc alarm 12 msg on drive. Fanuc drives A06B 6044, 6055, 6059, 6066, 6090, 6078, 6079, 6089, 6096, 6102, 60114 required Fanuc/Fuji Electric transistor module. Please dot hesitate to browse the product pages below.

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