FANUC Beta Servo Motor series model Beta BM BiS

CNC-Shopping International offers you online a selection of FANUC Beta motors in Stock Model Fanuc Beta, Fanuc Beta M, Fanuc Beta iS and Fanuc Beta iS HV for sale as refurbished or new. You can also ask for a Fanuc Servo motor repairs if the motor is not available anymore.

FANUC Beta Motor series is the economical AC Servo system suitable for positioning of industrial machine and peripheral unit for Machine tool. High Reliability Beta motor and High Performance Beta motor for your Industrial system. By latest magnets and special rotor structure, axial length of motor shorter and righ revolution accuracy are realized for positioning. Highly reliable FANUC high resolution pulse coder or Fanuc absolute pulse coder is integrated to the FANUC Beta motors.

To locate your FANUC Beta motor reference :     A06B-0xxx-Bxxx

Below all of our FANUC Beta (β) Motors for sale online, check prices, conditions and availability. If your FANUC AC Servo Motor Model Beta does not appear in the listing below, please contact us via the contact form and we'll help you find or source your FANUC Beta Servo Motor or a FANUC compatible alternative. For service and repair of your FANUC Beta motor, please contact us also via the contact form (Attention to delay, a response of feasibility will be sent by email, but we strongly advise customers to opt for the replacement of your FANUC Beta Servo motor to save time)

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