Toshiba TOCP80 2m Fanuc CNC Optical fiber cable

Toshiba TOCP80 2m Fanuc CNC Optical fiber cable


Optical fiber with fiber optic connectors reference TOSHIBA TOCP80 (2m) for sale. This is an optical fiber type TOCP80 with 2 connectors TOCP80, this optical fiber is a length of 2 meters. Mostly installed and used on CNC Controls such as FANUC CNC Control or other CNC equipement who needs this optical fiber TOSHIBA TOCP80 (2m, also known as TOSHIBA TOCP80-2MB) for data transfer. This TOSHIBA TOCP80 Optical fiber is ready to replace your defective or broken TOCP80 installed on your CNC Machine.

he larger the index of refraction, the slower light travels in that medium. From this information, a good rule of thumb is that signal using optical fiber for communication will travel at around 200 million meters per second. Or to put it another way, to travel 1000 kilometers in fiber, the signal will take 5 milliseconds to propagate. Thus a phone call carried by fiber between Sydney and New York, a 12000 kilometer distance, means that there is an absolute minimum delay of 60 milliseconds (or around 1/16 of a second) between when one caller speaks to when the other hears. (Of course the fiber in this case will probably travel a longer route, and there will be additional delays due to communication equipment switching and the process of encoding and decoding the voice onto the fiber). TOSHIBA TOCP80 (2m)

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Warranty - factory return
The product Toshiba TOCP80 2m Fanuc CNC Optical fiber cable is under warranty for a workshop return, where a repair will be carried out or a replacement provided, throughout its entire contractual period (Subject to conditions)

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