SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6SN1145 6SN1146 Power supply

Buy online your SIEMENS 6SN1145 Power supply module in Stock for your CNC Machine-tools fitted with SIEMENS Simodrive 611 servo drives type 6SN1123. We offer for sale SIEMENS 6SN1145 Refurbished, New or Exchange Service 

All of the SIEMENS 6SN1145 Power supplies module type I/R E/R fully refurbished according to manufacturer's procedure with systematic preventive maintenance on components with limited lifetime (we carry all the Siemens manufacturer's components such as capacitors, power transistors, fans and also contactors relay for any repair of the SIEMENS 6SN1145. The SIEMENS 6SN1145 are fully tested on dynamic full load on a complete dedicated SIEMENS Simodrive 611 test rigs with CNC Control feedback fitted with SIEMENS 1FT6 servo motors (6-12hours endurance with advanced control of DC Bus Voltage) in order to ensure quality and optimal functioning of the SIEMENS 6SN1145 Power Module I/R U/U.

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