SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6SN1123 6SN1124 Power module

On CNC-Shopping Intl. website, find SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6SN1123 Replacement Servo drives available for your CNC Machines-Tools. These SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6SN1123 Servo drives power modules controlled by SIEMENS control boards, generate an output voltage frequency and intensity vary and are well suited to operation of SIEMENS Servomotors. New, Refurbished or exchange service are listed below for SIEMENS SIMODRIVE 6SN1123. All SIEMENS 6SN1123 Drives are tested and come with a full warranty.

Together with the control module, the SIEMENS 6SN1123 Power module (LT-Modul Int.) forms the drive module, for feed or main spindle applications. The power modules can be used to operate the following motors: 1FT6, 1FK6 and 1FK7 servo motors, 1FW6 built–in torque motors (direct drives), 1FN linear motors, 1PH main spindle motors

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