NUM 1060 TOCP100 Optical Fiber cable

Find and Buy online your NUM 1060 TOSHIBA TOCP100 Optical fiber from a wide range of TOSHIBA TOCP100 fiber cables in stock compatible with NUM 1060 CNC Controller or any other Industrial applications requires a TOCP100 Optical fiber. Different lengths are offered that depends of the requirements, prices and availability of the TOSHIBA TOCP100 are displayed in realtime on our website.

On NUM 1060 Controllers from Machine-tools, this optical fiber cable is used to transmit data between the CNC and the NUM Operator panel located under the monitor. This NUM 1060 Optical fiber can also be connected to the power supply (just passing through), so it ill be required small lengths. It will help you to replace and damaged or broken optical fiber cable from your manufacturing equipment.

Optical Fiber cabe
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