INDRAMAT Servo drive

On website, find and buy online INDRAMAT Servo drive such as INDRAMAT TDM, DDS, DKC, KDA. New or refurbished tested INDRAMAT Servo drive / Spindle drive are offered on CNC-Shopping Intl. website. 
Due to the rapid pace of innovation in drive technology, more compact servo drive with higher dynamic performance are being increasingly demanded - in a broad range of outputs and versions.

AC Servo Drive INDRAMAT DDS (DDS 02.1-W100)
AC Servo Drive INDRAMAT DKC (DKC02.3, DKC03.3)
AC Servo Drive INDRAMAT HDD (HDD02.2)
AC Servo Drive INDRAMAT KDS (KDS1.1-50, KDS1.1-100, KDS1.3-150, KDS1.3-200)
AC Servo Drive INDRAMAT TDM (TDM1.2-30, TDM1.2-50, TDM1.2-100, TDM3.2-20, TDM3.2-30, TDM4.1-20)
AC Spindle Drive INDRAMAT KDA (KDA2.1-100, KDA3.2-50, KDA3.2-100, KDA3.2-150, KDA3.3-150)
AC Spindle Drive INDRAMAT TRM, TRK (1TRM2-G11, 3TRM2-G11, TRK6-4U)

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