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Cnc-shopping propose online the supply of HEIDENHAIN pulse coder for the maintenance of your CNC machine tool. You will find solutions to repair your failures on your automated industrial equipment with the possibility of having technical assistance on the HEIDENHAIN encoder you want. These systems of measurement are proposed in different conditions, so you can choose between new HEIDENHAIN encoders, refurbished HEIDENHAIN encoders or used HEIDENHAIN encoders. Cnc-shopping offers a wide selection of HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders such as HEIDENHAIN pulse coders type ECN, ERN, EQN, ROC,ROQ, RIC, RIQ ROD, RON such as the encoders ROD 426, ROD 420, ROD 456, RON 705...These HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders are ready to replace your faulty pulse coder to troubleshoot on your CNC machine tools or industrial equipement. All of our HEIDENHAIN encoder are fully tested and come with a warranty.

Heidenhain Encoders

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