From measurement systems to a monitor, find HEIDENHAIN spares online.

Cnc-shopping offers HEIDENHAIN Spare parts for the maintenance of your machine tool or industrial equipement, from a Heidenhain monitor to measurement systems such as encoders, scales, handwheels and much more. Choose from our extensive supplies of new, refurbished, used and obsolete HEIDENHAIN industrial automation equipment, including ROD and RON pulse coders, LS linear encoders, HR hand wheels, BE412B and BC120 monitors, TNC Controls, Heidenhain keyboards, Digital Readouts. All of our HEIDENHAIN parts are fully tested and come with a warranty. We also provide an unrivalled technical service for the whole range of HEIDENHAIN industrial automation equipment.

HEIDENHAIN FE401 Lecteur de disquettes
750.00 € HT
HEIDENHAIN 348 075-05 289 135-07 Carte d...
300.00 € HT
Cable interface Heidenhain iD.Nr 296 466...
30.00 € HT
Codeur HEIDENHAIN ROD 426 1800 03S12-03
290.00 € HT
Heidenhain LC-181 ML 540mm Absolute Line...
600.00 € HT
HEIDENHAIN TE332B Clavier Deckel DMG
700.00 € HT