FANUC DC Servo Motor axis 00M 0M 5M 10M 20M

Buy online from a wide selection and Stock of FANUC DC Servo Motors (FANUC DC Servo Motor), Fanuc DC motors manufactured in the 80s/90s by the Japanese manufacturer FANUC Co. FANUC Motors are black and yellow capped,  labeled FANUC DC Servo Motor Model 00M, 5M, 10M, 20M, 30M or 30M-2K. First generation of FANUC DC motors introduced before the FANUC AC Servo motors.

These FANUC DC Servo Motors, several models and types have been made including standard or with brake motors, Motors with FANUC DC pancake tachogenerator (tacho), multiple tacho + 5x/4x/3x resolver or Pulse coder equipped with FANUC 2000P (A860-0300-T001), FANUC 2500P (A860-0300-T002) 3000P (A860-0300-T003). These engines were mounted on FANUC machining centers, milling machines and lathes with CNC system and FANUC FANUC 3 6.

Below all of our FANUC DC motors for sale online, check prices and availability. If your FANUC DC Servo Motor does not appear in the listing below, please contact us via the contact form and we'll help you find a FANUC DC Servo Motor or a FANUC compatible alternative. For service and repair of your FANUC DC motor, please contact us also via the contact form (Attention to delay, a response of feasibility will be sent by email, but we strongly advise customers to opt for the replacement of your FANUC DC Servo motor to save time)

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