Fanuc Batteries

Buy online FANUC Batteries (Sanyo, Panasonic) in Stock as brand new in box for Fanuc Alpha servo drive, Fanuc beta drive, Fanuc power supply unit or Fanuc memory card. At Cnc-shopping, we offer genuine and authentic Fanuc lithium batteries from the well known manufacturer such as Panasonic or Sanyo Denki. You may identify your Fanuc battery as the Fanuc part number begins as A98L- (Fanuc spare part number) or A06B (Fanuc catalog number). Different Fanuc batteries are offered online, including the batteries for the Fanuc servo amplifiers (A98L-0031-0025), Fanuc absolute pulse coders, memory boards or also for the Fanuc CNC i series (A98L-0031-0012 with LCD monitor). 

You can find your Fanuc battery or Battery manufacturer's reference in your Fanuc Maintenance Manual of your CNC Machine tool. If you do not find the reference that you are looking for, please contact us and we will help you.

We strongly recommend to replace your Fanuc Lithium batteries every 12 months in order to ensure optimal performance for your CNC and Servo Amplifiers. (To prevent Fanuc BAT Alarm message and memory loss)

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