Fanuc Alpha servo amplifier 6079 6080 svm module

Buy or Repair online FANUC Alpha servo drives type FANUC Servo Amplifier Alpha SVM (A06B-6079 FANUC SVM-1, SVM-2, SVM-3) and Alpha Triple Axis servo (A06B-6080 FANUC SVM-3 Only). Fanuc simple axis drive, Fanuc dual axis drive or Fanuc triple axis drive. Browse all the references of the FANUC A06B-6079, 6080 check availability, price and conditions of the parts that you would order online. These 2 series of Fanuc Servo drive (Alpha SVM) are fitted on FANUC Control 0, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21.


Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Alpha SVM


Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Alpha SVM-3 (3 axis only)

Cnc-Shopping offers FANUC Alpha drives for sale including sale of Brand New - Refurbished - Exchange and Spares for Fanuc Drives. For the FANUC Alpha Modules that are not in stock, or drives that not required urgently, please contact us and we will try source your part. (All of the Fanuc servo drives units comes with a warranty).

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