FANUC Alpha iS iF Motor servo model series

Buy or Repair online your FANUC AC Servo Motor Model Alpha iS / Alpha iF (Fanuc Model αiS αiF) for your CNC-Machine-Tools or other Industrial equipments. Order online your Servo Motors FANUC Alpha iS / iF in Stock new, refurbished or exchange service.

The FANUC AC Servo motor Alpha i (αi) were designed for machine tool feed axis applications. This servo motor alpha i has the following features : Compact (the use of the latest magnet and the optimized mechanical design reduce the total lenght and weight, therefore realizing light, compact motors), smooth rotation, excellent acceleration, wide continuous operation zone, controllability, High reliability and High precision encoder.

Among these different types of FANUC AC Servo Motor model Alpha iS / Alpha iF with characteristics specific to the baseline motor. Indeed there are FANUC Servo motors that are equipped with brakes or not, and always equipped with FANUC pulse coders (Fanuc Pulse coder Alpha A64, Fanuc Pulse coder Alpha I64, Fanuc Pulse coder Alpha A1000). Quality repair of your Fanuc Motors by Experts since 30 years at Cnc-shopping, we have more than 30 test rigs to control and verify servos.

Below all of our FANUC Alpha Motors for sale online, check prices, conditions and availability. If your FANUC AC Servo Motor does not appear in the listing below, please contact us via the contact form and we'll help you find your FANUC Alpha iS / iF Servo Motor or a FANUC compatible alternative. For service and repair of your FANUC Alpha i motor, please contact us also via the contact form (Attention to delay, a response of feasibility will be sent by email, but we strongly advise customers to opt for the replacement of your FANUC Alpha iS / iF Servo motor to save time)

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