FANUC AC Servo Motor Alpha Model 1, 2, 3, 6, 12 ,22, 30

Buy or Repair online your Fanuc AC Servo motor Model Alpha on Cnc-shopping. CNC-Shopping Intl. website offers online a wide selection of refurbished or new FANUC Alpha Servo motor in Stock. (Fanuc α Servo motor), below you can check price and availability online of your FANUC AC Servo motor Model Alpha. Large Stock of FANUC Alpha motors such as FANUC Alpha 1/3000, Fanuc Alpha 2/2000, Fanuc Alpha 2/3000, Fanuc Alpha 3/3000, Fanuc Alpha 6/2000, Fanuc Alpha 6/3000, Fanuc Alpha 12/2000, Fanuc Alpha 12/3000, Fanuc Alpha 22/1500, Fanuc Alpha 22/2000, Fanuc Alpha 22/3000, Fanuc Alpha 30/3000,  the FANUC Servo motors FANUC Alpha M series model Fanuc Alpha M2/3000, Fanuc Alpha M2.5/3000, Fanuc Alpha M6/3000, M9/3000, M22/3000, les moteurs FANUC Alpha L series Model Fanuc Alpha L6/3000, L9/3000, L25/3000 , the motors FANUC Alpha C series model Fanuc Alpha C3/2000, C6/2000, C12/2000, C22/1500 also the motors FANUC Alpha HV model Alpha 3/3000HV, 6/3000HV, 12/3000HV, 22/3000HV, 30/3000HV and the Motors FANUC Alpha M HV model Alpha M6/3000HV, aM9/3000HV, aM22/3000HV, aM30/3000HV.

Among these different types of FANUC AC Servo Motor model Alpha, there are several characteristics specific to the baseline motor. Indeed there are Servo motors that are equipped with brakes or not, and always equiped with FANUC encoders with different resolutions (Fanuc Pulse coder Alpha A64, Fanuc Pulse coder Alpha I64, Fanuc Pulse coder Alpha A1000).

A06B-0371-B (a1/3000)
A06B-0147-B (a22/2000)
A06B-0163-B (aM9/3000)A06B-0121-B (aC3/2000)
A06B-0372-B (a2/2000)
A06B-0148-B (a22/3000)
A06B-0165-B (aM22/3000)
A06B-0126-B (aC6/2000)
A06B-0373-B (a2/3000)
A06B-0151-B (a30/1200)
A06B-0166-B (aM30/3000)
A06B-0141-B (aC12/2000)
A06B-0123-B (a3/3000)
A06B-0152-B (a30/2000)
A06B-0169-B (aM40/)
A06B-0145-B (aC22/1500)
A06B-0127-B (a6/2000)
A06B-0153-B (a30/3000)
A06B-0170-B (aM40 w Fan)
A06B-0171-B (a3/3000HV)
A06B-0128-B (a6/3000)
A06B-0157-B (a40/2000)
A06B-0562-B (aL6/3000)
A06B-0172-B (a6/3000HV)
A06B-0142-B (a12/2000)
A06B-0376-B (aM2/3000)
A06B-0564-B (aL9/3000)
A06B-0176-B (a12/3000HV)
A06B-0143-B (a12/3000)
A06B-0377-B (aM2.5/3000)
A06B-0571-B (aL25/3000)A06B-0177-B (a22/3000HV)
A06B-0146-B (a22/1500)
A06B-0162-B (aM6/3000)A06B-0572-B (aL50/3000)
A06B-0178-B (a30/3000HV)

Below all of our FANUC Alpha Motors for sale online, check prices, conditions and availability. If your FANUC AC Servo Motor does not appear in the listing below, please contact us via the contact form and we'll help you find your FANUC Alpha Servo Motor or a FANUC compatible alternative. For service and repair of your FANUC Alpha motor, please contact us also via the contact form (Attention to delay, a response of feasibility will be sent by email, but we strongly advise customers to opt for the replacement of your FANUC Alpha Servo motor to save time)

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