At CNC-Shopping GROUP  companies, all our engineers are highly trained and experienced professionals in the engineering field. Our engineers have worked with leading machine tool builders and have a wide experience on the most sophisticated CNC tools.

With a view to ensuring that it meets the needs of its customers, first tests products in particular on simulators and test rigs of all types to ensure their proper functioning and to offer its customers unbeatable quality. At our Headquarter location, many test facilities and test assets, skilled technicians fully trained and experienced technical family members that add up to the most reliable and supportive service.

We have a location dedicated for CNC & Servos test facilities. We have 250 plus bespoke test rigs for CNC controls, Power units, Crt and LCD monitors, Servo motors and servo drives, Boards and Cards, Encoders, Linear scale, Operator panel, Keyboards and PLCs all tested under closed loop in are repair lab all work done in house full fault diagnosis on leading makes including the  major brands such as Fanuc, Indramat, Siemens, Num 750-760, Num 1060, Mitsubishi-Mazak, Gettys, Heidenhain (PWM 9 Diag tool), Servomac, Yang and some Yaskawa products, 

The CNC-Shopping Technical department is on hand to answer any technical questions relating to its products to ensure that each client receives the necessary support as part of its policy of preventive maintenance.

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